Vagina Matters

"Vagina Matters" is a collaborative project of ours - an illustrated sex education book, for young girls and women in Bulgaria and beyond.

Topics related to the female body, menstruation and sex are still concidered taboo in many countries. That makes open conversations about sexual health extremely difficult and often issues that affect our physical and mental health, as well as our social well-being emerge. 

While both girls and boys receive poor sexual health education (only 10% of schools in Bulgaria have dedicated classes according to a statement by the Bulgarian Ombudsman), we’ve found that girls are disproportionately affected. Bulgaria, alongside Romania, has the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in the EU (WHO, UNDP). 

All of this motivated us to do something for the future generation. We’ve worked a lot with Fine Acts activists, psychologists and writers, the end result being a book containing every step of the girls’ and women’s sexual journey - illustrated.



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