Vagina Matters

"Vagina Matters" – everything a girl has wanted to know about sexual health but was too afraid to ask or didn’t have a chance to learn. This illustrated book will open the doors to previously undiscussed questions on the topic, providing both useful information and most of all – practical tips. (WHO, UNDP). 



We wanted to lift the stigma surrounding talking about puberty and the transformations the body goes through that period, menstruation, sex and much more. These are still taboo subjects in Bulgaria for women of all ages and thus making it very difficult to have candid conversations about sexual health. 


According to a statement made by the Ombudsman of Bulgaria only 10% of the schools in the country have special classes on the topic – an abysmal result, which has its physical and mental marks later in life, like a higher rate of teenage pregnancies (Bulgaria and Romania lead this category among countries in the EU). Sexual health is a big elephant in a small room and this is the reason why we want to encourage and provoke healthy curiosity towards the topic, including important issues such as equality and violence against women.


All of this motivated us to do something for the future generation. We’ve worked a lot with Fine Acts activists, psychologists and writers, the end result being a book containing every step of the girls’ and women’s sexual journey - illustrated.


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