The first postage stamp for Christo Javacheff

This is the first postage stamp block for Christo Javacheff, known as Christo and it marks his 85th birth anniversary. Also it’s the first stamp with my design and illustration on it. Limited edition of 5100.


To be invited to design special stamp and special postmark for such an incredible artist and genius like Christo, whom i admire, was beyond all my dreams.It took me weeks to have the courage to start portraying him. When something is so big and you feel admiration and respect for the person you are going to portray, you want to honour his personality and art in the best way possible and not mess things up. After almost obsessively long research, reading books, articles and browsing albums, I came up with the idea of Christo wrapping himself in the postage stamp block with his own art, but at the same time it looks like he is wrapping the viewer.


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