Habitat for Bulgaria

Habitat for Humanity International is a global non-profit organization that works towards helping people with a critical or non-existing housing situation in over 70 countries. Habitat for Humanity Bulgaria have built 12 new homes with the help of 400 volunteers from all over the world. The organization has also supported more than 5 000 families in 24 villages in need of restoration or upgrade of their homes.

Why did we take part in this project? Because we are humans and love other humans.



„I think about how unfair it is to not have something as fundamental and simple as a home. Yes, we take it for granted when everything is alright and we have a place that we can call home. When you are young, you cannot imagine that the person next door doesn’t live in the same apartment as you, doesn’t have all the goods that you have. And that makes me sad.“

-  Borislava


„I want to illustrate the idea of the long and heavy road and the joy at the end, when you get back home - the safest and coziest place on earth. At the same time, this home is floating, seems unreal, like it’s just a dream.”

-  Borislava


“That’s how I see the love between neighbours. I really believe that togetherness creates not only a home, but a better and more colorful world.”

-  Mihaela


“I drew people that form a house. They are together and they support each other. They literally create, keep and protect their home.”

-  Mihaela

Habitat 2019-Borislava

To build a home is one of the most valuable and hardest things in the world. It’s like planting and maintaining a garden - takes time, resources and love. It’s all worth it though, when you are surrounded with growth, love and coziness.

-  Borislava

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